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13th November 2005

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please delete if this is not allowed.

10th November 2005

x__firefly12:14am: Hiya.

I hope the mods won't mind a little advert, my community is just starting out you see!

If this is not allowed, I can delete it. Thanks!

12th September 2005

laracroft6:34pm: I'm selling my undying love for an extremely low price (starting at $3.00AU). With my undying love, I'm also giving away 150 000 neopoints.

Click HERE if interested.

8th August 2005

rurik02:16am: Does anyone have any double mcdonolds neopet toys? I have a bunch of doubles to trade.

please email me - littlechahuahua@aol.com

you should pre-know that i DO NOT send first though. i WILL NOT rip you off, check my feedback on ebay under user lunaricstardust, and also under laundromatic.net under the same user name to reassure yourself. i dont jip people, i just GET jipped, which is why im not sending first :).

Thanks! any help on compleating my collection would be awesome, i have a bunch of cloudy kacheeks to trade off, too. so get ahold of me! :-P

27th June 2005

techno_bunny049:49pm: hi my names pam as u can see im new to this community i've just started playing neopets again after a long arse break of two yrs. i'm really only here to make new friends & mayb get tips etc.

5th June 2005

chixen_legz2:05pm: As of this date i finally recieved the pant devil as a challenger, now i just have to wait for the current war to end to rip him a new one.

silly it took this long.

31st March 2005

chixen_legz10:01pm: Okay i posted about the pant devil awhile back. went to the wheel of misfourtune(sp) and i landed on the pant devil and he stole one of my omlettes, no biggie there and i check on my challenger page and he his not there, and thats the problem. now is it a neopets technical related problem or can you simply not get the pant devil as a challenger though this wheel in particualar?
thank you

9th January 2005

chixen_legz5:05pm: hey all
been on neopets since 2001
never had anything stolen by pant devil, and of course i dont have him as a challenger in battledome.
and i cant even get past the first mission for the protectors of neopets or whatever its called, and ive tired various ways of trying to get him to steal stuff, heard hes a random event, and you can refresh you page in you inventory or get him on the wheel of exitment, and ive never ever got him and i try almost everyday and cant get him.

any way i can get the pant devil for my challenger in battledome?? its fairly fustrating

xserendux11:02am: The illusens glade SUCKS..

It wants me to find a 'Red Chomby Morphing Potion'... but there arn't any anywhere that are buyable!

How on earth is this fair!?

3rd January 2005

xserendux3:30pm: Everyone knows about my Obsession .. wayyy too much.

For christmas guess what I got too many of!

Acara & Ixi!

So I'm selling them on ebay (starting at £3!!) and thought I'd let you guys know first! I havent opened them as tempting as the 'rare item' codes they contain are!

Acara - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5947313008

Ixi - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5947313446

If you post in any other neopets communities then feel free to advertise my little pets!

2nd January 2005

pvprincess05917:05pm: I have nothing
A few monthes ago someone got into my acount and took all my money i was so mad i couldnt believe it i have been posting to neopet board members and they never got back to me! Please tell me where i can get cheap things or tell me a fun game where i can get neopoints!
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princessillini5:17pm: promo

we are intelligent, opinionated, and argumentative...are you?
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29th July 2004

shock_treatment9:23pm: "paint brush"
hello. what is this "paint brush" madness that i hear about? what can you do w/it? what is it? details on the paint brushes please. sorry yeah im new!

28th July 2004

redwoodmists4:42am: So important, please read-
I'm trying to spread the word about something, so please excuse my first post...

I realize I am a new member, and know this can sometimes be bothersome, but I'm trying to spread the word about a petition I created reguarding neopets. As many of you may or may not know, the inflation in Neopia has become insane and rediculous. Less than three years ago, a paint brush could be purchased for 5,000. Many of you who may be newer members probably are feeling your jaws drop open in shock. Because now, they go for over 1mil each in the trading house, similarly in the auction house, and you just can't buy them in shops. (You cannot buy an item over 100,000)

I have created a petition for the neopets staff, asking them to moderate the economy in Neopia so that all items can be within the reach of everyone. Yes, rare items cost more, but in the millions of neopoints is just plain rediculous, not to mention cruel to younger members, who aren't as savvy with gaining points as older members might be.

This site does not spam or sell e-mails, and you'd really be doing Neopets a great favor by at least reading this.

Please click here to read the petition.

I truly appreciate your reading this message.

Elizabeth (aka "schitzorose" on Neopets)
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18th July 2004

pvprincess05912:24pm: neopet
this korbays name is leloa!

paprincess0591 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

This gelert's name is loverboy_18353!

paprincess0591 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

pvprincess05912:21pm: neopets

paprincess0591 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

paprincess0591 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

These are my neopets if it worked
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21st June 2004


Adults R Us/Neighbourhood: Neopia Central



A Paint brush drawing a month

Monthly member awards

Newbie packs of at least 500 NP for joining

Advancement Packs

A secondary Council

Random give aways


200 NP per person you recruit

A new Yahoo Group with Chat and all that fun stuff

all council members will be paid.

And lots more!


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18th June 2004

tazalyn5:05pm: HELP
tazalynslittlegirl (My_PET)is_sick_she_has_the_SnEEZLES_I_Cant_afforf_the_magic-cookie_to_helpher_please_help

17th June 2004

pvprincess05911:04am: Neopets
I love neopets they are my favorite things to do. When I'm not on my live Journal I'm on neopets. I have 2 neopets a korbat and a gelert. I always make sure they are taken care of. And when I'm on it feels like they really love me back... sounds kinda crazy, but I feel loved.
Current Mood: loved

31st January 2004

felicalittle6:24am: Neopets is down... Are You Bored... Do you want to chat?
Now neopets being down doesn't have to stop that lovely spam type chat that you want to have... and You don't have to post messages to every community looking for someone to chat to... Just head on over to neo_chit_chat

Right now is a good time, since everyone is bored with the site down and all ^.~

So far there aren't rules or I would list them here... come on down and chit chat with us ^.^
Current Mood: bored
felicalittle6:10am: Do You...
do you think your neopet is the best? Do you wanna see if they actually are?

Do you want a Neopets rating Community *winks* sure you do... I mean there is a rating community for everything

Well join neopets_nation or at least check it out today ^.^

Right now is a good time, since everyone is bored with the site down
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26th January 2004

felicalittle11:44pm: Guilds, roleplay ones that is...
There is a banner behind the cutRead more...Collapse )

Sorry but I've been seeing a lot of guild advertising so I thought I would throw my lot in ^.^

My guild currently has 25 members, a few of them are very very active including myself.

    .:Castle of Moonlight:.
  • GREAT ACTIVE members
  • Awesome Admenities (check the webbie, link below, to see more)
  • WEBBIE click here
  • secret CUPIDS for valentines day
    ~check it out today to learn more~

    We even have our own livejournal community neopetsguild and I'm currently working on getting a deadjournal community for those that have a dead journal as opposed to a live one

    If there is anything you want to know feel free to email me!

    ( Cross Posted to every neopets community that I belong to... that allows advertising I was bored sorry )
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tazalyn11:31am: guild link not working so
here is my banner

25th January 2004

tazalyn11:57pm: MY guild
Okay so I have a guild And it is for 13 and Up I am more looking for 18 and up however
It is OMR(Our mystic realm)
We have a website a Yahoo group 2 chatrooms

We give away Noob Pacs
Advancement pacs
we have Allot of contest on our site
Check it out n tell me what u think




THANKS FOr ur patence
Current Mood: anxious
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